IT Consulting Services

Today’s next-gen service providers maintain a complex set of products & services in an increasingly competitive and ever-changing market. Business Support System (BSS), Operation Support System (OSS) and Enterprise Application Solutions are required to maximize the ROI, reduce costs, offer superior customer services and accelerate time to market for new products and services.

IT Consulting Services from shark media help businesses increase innovation, accelerate productivity, minimize costs and optimize resource utilization.

Our value proposition is based on a concourse of business understanding, comprehensive technological skills and a pinpointed approach through the use of in-house practices, frameworks and tools.

Our IT Consulting Services

We help you to assess your present IT situation, offering expert insight and vigorous suggestions that reinforce your decision-making, together with your business and technology strategies. In past 13 years, we have served several business tycoons from industries such as telecommunications, entertainment industry, engineering firms, large financial establishments, government agencies and medium-scale businesses.

  • IT Transformation
  • Offshore Advisory Services
  • Enterprise Architecture Services
  • Focused Process Solutions
  • Quality Management
  • ITIL Process Services
  • Organization Change Management
  • Strategic Cost Transformation
  • Process Consulting Services
  • Model-based Software Process Improvemen
  • Six Sigma Consulting Services
  • Customized Solutions
  • Social & Collaborative Knowledge Management
  • Customer Experience Consulting

Our Expertise

We help you to plan, design, implement and operate solutions based on a varied range
of platforms and enabled by cloud-based or shared infrastructures.

  • Data Warehousing
  • OLAP Implementation
  • Web Based Technologies
  • SAP Securities Implementation
  • Relational Database Design
  • Windows/Unix Application Development

Key to Make Big Data a Big Win for

your Business

In the modern technology world, Big Data is a

buzzword. That’s because it gives tough

competition and provides a competitive edge

that’s needed to surge ahead in today’s

technology world as well as the modern world.

Translating it into big wins for your business

is a crucial and long lasting task. As the word

suggests, Big Data is something that’s not

small but huge. It consists of…

image (1)

How can Automation and Artificial Intelligence…

With artificial intelligent Bluetooth speaker, intelligent

mobile apps, Self-driving cars and robot receptionist,

it has become quite obvious that technology has

exceeded humanity. Automation and Artificial

Intelligence is set to revolutionise the way we live

and work. Rather the integration of both has

increased theefficiency, safety,security and

opportunities in almost all the fields…

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Workflow in Rapid Methodologies: A Brief Tour

Bringing an idea from a concept to a finalized

product, as fast as possible, forms the basis of

startups. Although, there is often some research

involved at various milestones, sometimes an

idea needs to be get up and running as soon as

possible. Rapid prototyping in a startup culture

involves slimming the typical development process

to hit the high points and retouch the lows afterwards….