Custom Application Development: How Can It Benefit Your Business?

Custom application development is the process of designing and developing applications specific to you and your business. It can come in the form of a mobile app, a web app or a saas solution.

Custom application development provides the functionality and flexibility that out of the box software doesn’t and can give you a unique edge over your competitors, it can assist with scaling your business and can increase productivity and efficiency.

Custom application development is hugely popular in startups as the mobile app industry continues to thrive and is rapidly growing within organisations as they seek out various forms of automation and digital transformation, whilst embracing the hybrid and remote working models that have become the new normal.

The global custom application development service market is expected to grow by $38.15 billion during 2022-2026

Some examples of custom application development:

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management Application) is generally developed as a web application and can be used to store and manage information regarding a company’s clients. This type of platform can be developed in custom code to suit the businesses operating procedures and workflows and can include automated invoicing and reminders. This type of custom application development is used to assist a business with automation and streamlining processes.

Ridesharing applications such as Uber, Ola and Didi have been developed as web applications and also for iOS and Android. Both users and drivers can see real time ride requests, driver tracking and secure payments, This type of custom application is the lifeline of the business.    

Food delivery applications like the Domino’s Pizza App have been developed for iOS and Android. These apps are on demand delivery apps. Domino’s Pizza was created in the 1960’s, long before apps were invented, so this type of custom application has been developed to complement the existing business. 

Saas applications such as Netflix offer the software as a service, they are cloud based softwares which can be accessed through the internet. Some other examples include Salesforce, and Asana. This type of application is custom developed by the provider and it is the service which is resold as an out of the box application to the user or subscriber. This type of custom application development is the business.

Some examples of out of the box applications:

There are thousands of out of the box applications which suit some businesses perfectly however they may not fit your business needs entirely. This is where you could create your own custom application which you can sell on to users or subscribers like the developers of the below awesome applications.


Fitness application Mind body is an all in one fitness software with 1.9m users that allows gyms and studios to schedule clients. Manage staff and payroll and run reports. Users can also download the app, create their own profile and make bookings for classes and store payment methods.

Adobe creative cloud is a set of applications used for graphic design, video and picture editing and photography. Adobe is thought to have approximately 12 million cloud subscribers

Ivvy is a cloud based event management software for venues. This is an out of the box SaaS application that is an effective tool for managing events space, organising catering, equipment and accomodation. Ivvy is a Gold Coast based software company with approx 13,000 users.

Custom application development – what are the benefits?

Developing a bespoke software unique to your business has many advantages. Whether it is a mobile app that you plan to launch in the app stores or an enterprise application for your organisation. 

Custom application development is more expensive than off the shelf software however can be a better investment for the following reasons:

  • Custom application development is tailor made to meet the requirements of your business
  • It can increase productivity within the team as the workflows have been developed around your and your requirements
  • It can improve the interaction and communication with your clients and customers thus improving the sales and onboarding process
  • Custom application development allows you to scale quickly should the business grow rapidly
  • It offers the security that out of the box software doesn’t
  • It offers full control, you are the owner of the code rather than being locked into a vendor and needing to rely on for software updates and security 
  • As the software is designed to fit your business it only includes the necessary functionality and is therefore more efficient
  • There is a business opportunity to sell the software to users/subscribers in the industry needing this type of software to assist them and their business

Final thoughts 

By creating a custom application, You as a business owner have the opportunity to deliver consistently to their clients, regardless of where they are. Manage employees and scale quickly as and when you need to.

In 2022 it is important to encourage innovation and new ideas in technology to stay ahead of the competition in business!

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