We are
App & Custom
Software Developers

We are a team of industry experts who are driven to ensure our projects are delivered to the highest standard, and that we provide an exceptional experience, leading our clients through the app development journey.

We are a dynamic and energetic team with extensive industry experience and more importantly a true passion for design and creating functional and bespoke software. Our skill set is unique and includes UI/UX design & prototyping, software development, robotic process automation (RPA), software consultancy and most importantly an entrepreneurial spirit!

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a first class experience. Making clients feel welcome and valued.

To be put simply, we want to provide the Tiffany experience of app development! Our vision is to deliver high quality apps to our clients that have the ability for rapid growth within their business and have a lasting impact on their lives.

Our vision is to push the boundaries of innovation making us the leader in app development in Australia.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with clear direction and transparency.

We bring creativity and functionality to our unique designs which will enable our clients to develop apps that disrupt their industries and leave a lasting legacy within the community.  

At Media Shark we are committed to our social and corporate responsibilities and the ethics upon which we run our company. We recognise that our social, economic and environmental responsibilities to our clients and community are fundamental to our business.

Our Values

We value each client that walks through our door. Always referring to our Think Like a Shark Culture

When you choose Media Shark you choose a diverse team of disruptive innovators that value each and every client and at the heart of the company is an ethos to provide an honest, respectful, and ethical approach to our projects.

We are a professional, vibrant, and experienced team who want to empower our clients with our knowledge and expertise.

Core Team

We only employ the best and brightest individuals to help us face challenges and climb mountains. We are a diverse and ambitious team and we are passionate about what we do.




Business Developer
& Marketing Manager


Lead Developer


UI/UX Lead


UI/UX Designer


Frontend Designer


Mediashark Chief Mascot


Mediashark Mascot

Career at Mediashark

At Media Shark, everybody is welcome, valued
and included. At Media Shark you will work alongside the
company’s leaders, experts in the industry and young stars

Right now we’re looking for

Media Shark is looking for a passionate and experienced Sales Manager to facilitate the rapid expansion of the agency and further build on its strong foundations.

With a genuine passion for business development and building and maintaining long lasting relationships. The ideal candidate is a spirited, self-motivated, and client focused team player who is committed to the success of the business.

At Media Shark you will work alongside the company’s leaders, experts in the industry and young stars. We are committed to continuous innovation, professional development and an inclusive working environment.

Our Digital Designers are an integral part of the app development journey, using their creativity to bring ideas to life. Building brand identities and UI/UX Prototypes that are functional and innovative.

At Media Shark, you will be a key member of the team working with clients directly, therefore you will have the ability to present your ideas and designs clearly and engage and communicate effectively.

You will also be working alongside a team of developers and project managers to assist in delivering outstanding apps for our awesome clients.

Make your mark!

Extremely Professional


“Their project management style was extremely professional, but at the same time warm and welcoming. I always felt that I was being listened to and that my queries were being met.”

Lawrence Hocking